Welcome, Jiangxi Changhe Automobile Co., Ltd.!
Also known as Changhe Automobile, it is now in the Philippines through the LausAutoGroup. The Chinese automotive brand is aiming to redefine the way consumers perceive China-made cars.
Changhe Automobile currently covers two production bases in Jingdezhen and Jiujiang, China and has three complete vehicle manufacturing plants and one engine manufacturing plant which has an annual production capacity of over 350,000 vehicles and 150,000 automobile engines.

Changhe is keen on introducing a wide range of value-for-money vehicles that take pride of its edge in terms of design, performance, refinement, and engineering. These major qualities are what made the renowned Chinese carmaker a household brand.

Changhe Automobile is a brand fit to compete on the world-stage by bringing consistent customer satisfaction and by becoming a reliable travel service provider through its cutting-edge passenger cars, multipurpose vehicles (MPVs), sports utility vehicles (SUVs), and light commercial vehicles (CVs). Among the brand’s acclaimed products in the CV category include the K22 Light Truck, dubbed as “Work Buddy” and the highly-efficient Freedom Mini Truck, both of which features a double cabin.

Meanwhile, those with much more complex needs like additional space, seat, or cabin can opt for Changhe’s versatile MPVs like the M50S, M70, M60 and the newly launched A6 sedan which boast of strong design language and dependability on the road as its major selling point.

With its complete industrial chain of parts development, manufacturing, marketing, after-sales service, and import and export trade, it has established itself as one of China’s leading automotive brands present in over 30 countries in Europe, America, Middle East, and Asia.

Among its recent commendable achievements include having been able to win various awards:

With its trademark of excellence and reputable name in the global automotive arena, it is no wonder why the country’s largest auto conglomerate is keen on bringing the world-class Chinese brand closer to Filipinos.

Experience outstanding driving pleasure with Changhe Automobile.







Changhe is settled in the millennium capital of porcelain, Jiangxi Province in China, inhabited by renowned craftsmen, who brought the first mini car into the world in 1982.

Changhe is the first Chinese brand to produce a first class ranking car. Dreaming and favoring to benefit people, Changhe extended cooperation and partnership worldwide in 1995, keeping on improving and developing in half century.

In 2013, Changhe joined BAIC, becoming the Southern Base—the energy saving and environmental protection strategic base for new energy vehicles development that integrated manufacturing, supplying, marketing and research.

The Changhe brand was positioned as the second own brand as well as the Beijing brand. From 2013, “3 model 2 engine”, the Jiujiang Research Center started constructing and working on other key projects. In December 2015, the Changhe Hongyuan plant was established and went into operation.

Changhe achieved the upgraded production capacity into 320,000 unit cars with 150,000 set engines having  2 plants in Jingdezhen and Jiujiang cities. Changhe was always seizing the key of technology and bravado in creativity.

In May 2016, a new research center was established, pouring in new technology, new ideas and new energy flowed into the group. Changhe is serious on personnel training, communicating for new ideas, dispatching teams to study  as far as the United Kingdom.

At the Hongyuan factory, the pressing workshop uses closed automated production line with 45 pressure, 10-12 times per minute, auto shifting mould every 7 minutes. The Welding workshop has 132 sets of world leading robots, with 100% auto production with 34 inside-outside robots doing bodywork painting at the painting workshop.

Today, Changhe is adapting to the world, improving products to become more and more competitive. The M50, M50S, K22, Freedom Work Buddy Q25, Q35, A6 and other SUV series are continuously being launched complemented by a line of products covering crossover passenger cars, automobiles, SUVs, MPVs, new energy cars and all kind of cars.

With such thrusts, Changhe is aiming to reach 620,000 unit/s production capacity, marketing 570,000 units, industry chain revenue of 50,000,000,000 Yuan, profits of 2,000,000,000 Yuan, with salary levels trying to become same with BAIC in Beijing.

Changhe plans to issue self-own models of 19 kinds, partnership models of 6 kinds, 12 among these new models and 3-5 new engine models.

All leaders of the group are aiming to grow bigger and better to making Changhe the leading automotive enterprise at Jiangxi Province.